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Device friendly

HTML and responsive design allows SchoolBooking to work across a range of different sized screens and browsers.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere

Use from any location with an internet connection. SchoolBooking runs quickly on 3G, enabling you to access your site through a smartphone or tablet.

Practical knowledge

Practical knowledge

We come from an education background including ex-teachers, school ICT support staff and management. This gives us a leading insight into the unique needs of schools.

An intuitive, complete lettings management system for your school facilities

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Lettings management

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Simplify lettings administration
Quickly make your rooms and resources ‘active’ facilities within the Lettings system. Create new extra items as required, and then add facility description detail with images ready to help your hirers with their selection.
Utilising our unique daily lettings plans, you’ll be able to create multiple bookable slots and associate costs for different days of the week, the month, the year…whatever you need. The lettings plans provide exceptional flexibility.
You can split your facilities such as halls and 3G pitches into multiple spaces. This enables you to book different hirers into the same facilities on the same day and times.
Include booking system resources, catering, venue layouts, support services, and other extra items with your facilities.
Our easy to navigate two page calendar shows details of your facilities and bookings. Choose between daily view and monthly view to quickly check availability.
Maximise your income
Keep hirer accounts organised and streamline your lettings processes. With the Lettings system you can print invoices, maintain sales tax and insurance charges and send booking confirmations.
There are two options to set discounts. You can discount the individual hirer account or the facility. The facility discount allows you to set a discount when the chargeable amount of the booking reaches or exceeds a set value.
Apply sales tax and insurance premiums to individual facilities. Our letting system will manage any tax exempt hirers and record insurance renewal dates.
Create separate price groups for different hirer types such as commercial, community, and charity organisations.
Completely controlled by you
As the Lettings administrator you have full control to override pricing plans and adjust your bookings charges and apply any special discounts.
Restrict what your hirers can book and how they can book your facilities, with book in advance controls, booking notice options, and email notifications.
The letting system includes separate personal website to advertise your facilities for hire. The storefront provides an online facility catalogue where hirers can check availability and send booking enquires.
Specific reports and statistical analysis designed for the Lettings module. Generate reports such as hirer statements, booking reports, daily usage reports for site teams, and facility income reports.

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